Asia Trademark Alliance

How do I file a trademark?


If you're ready to apply for a trademark, you can proceed directly to the Filing Fees page or complete the Trademark Application form.


When you file a trademark with us

  1. Complete the application form.

  2. We acknowledge your application form.

  3. We send you the pre-filing documents. You check and confirm the pre-filing documents.

  4. After we receive your confirmation, the necessary documents are filed with the Patent Office in each country.

  5. After this has been completed, we send you a report confirming this along with our invoice.

  6. Patent Offices will be handled by us.

  7. Once registration of your trademark is complete, we will send you a renewal reminder before the expiry of the trademark right. Your trademark right will be renewed at a lower cost. If there are any infringement issues, we will support and protect your rights.



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